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Need for Speed Unbound gets new trailer showing off Speed Race events – Effinate Games

Publisher Electronic Arts and developer Criterion Games shared a new trailer for Need for Speed ​​Unbound shows its Speed ​​Race events.

Race against the clock, outwit the police and take on weekly qualifiers to reach The Grand, Lakeshore’s ultimate street racing challenge,” the video teases. “Pack your garage with precision-tuned, custom rides and light up the streets with your style, exclusive fits and a vibrant global soundtrack that resonates in every corner of the world.”

Here’s the new trailer for it Need for Speed ​​Unbound:

Here is an overview of the game:

Need for Speed ​​Unbound

Race against the clock, outwit the police and qualify each week for Lakeshore’s ultimate street racing challenge, the Grand. Fill your garage with precision-tuned custom machines, dress in your own unique style and exclusive attire, and light up the streets with a soundtrack that echoes from all corners of the world.


  • The world is your canvas – Bring graffiti to life with a brand new visual style that combines the latest street art with the most realistic cars ever seen in Need for Speed. Access a new toolset full of energetic visual and sound effects, including Burst Nitrous, a new boost item for blistering speed.
  • Express yourself to the fullest extent of your abilities – Go to meetings and show off your style with a host of items from the world’s latest fashion, including exclusive gear. Then take your machine’s style to the next level and transform it with unique wraps and cuts to match your legendary custom machine, take the lead in races and claim your own winning position to stand out from the crowd.
  • Find freedom as it flows – A soundtrack featuring some of the cutting edge artists of the modern HipHop scene, including A$AP Rocky and AWGE, delivers an original, genre-defying selection of songs. The original music was created by the French producer Brodinsky. The songs, which lean on various HIPHOP expressions from around the world, embody the very underground culture that is the heart of Lakeshore.

Need for Speed ​​Unbound is set to launch on December 2 for Windows PC (via Steam, the Epic Games Store, and Origin), Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5.

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