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Nearly a full hour of Diablo IV beta footage has leaked – Effinate Games

Grand Theft Auto 6 wasn’t the only leaked gameplay from the weekend. Blizzard fans will also want to know that more than 40 minutes of Diablo IV beta footage also hit the internet. It’s our very first look at unedited gameplay, albeit unofficial.

Reddit user iV1rus shared their findings on Reddit. There are two separate video clips – one lasting only five minutes and another around 38 – hosted on a file site. Oddly enough, it appears that the person who posted the videos is not the one who played the actual game. You can hear two garbled voices having a discussion over the five-minute video, referring to the “guy” who actually played.

This raises two questions. How was this footage obtained and what stage of the game’s development cycle was it taken from? We can’t answer the first one, but there are watermarks reading “private test build” spread across the screen in both videos. This suggests that the gameplay is taken from the “company-wide internal testing” mentioned by Blizzard back in April. Diablo IV beta files were also spotted on in July, but no one has claimed to have mined anything from them at this time.

As for the gameplay itself, one of the prominent shops in the game. Blizzard recently promised that items in the store and rewards from the season pass would be cosmetic and not fall under the infamous “pay to win” category. From these gameplay clips, it looks like the promise is being kept. The handful of shop items we can see include things like a wolf hunting cap and an anchor-shaped weapon skin.

Diablo IV has no announced release date at this time, but we do know that it will support cross-play between consoles and PC when it launches. The Diablo series will also make its way to Xbox Game Pass (along with other Activision Blizzard properties like Call of Duty and Overwatch), though it’s not clear if that includes Diablo IV itself. Meanwhile, Blizzard has been releasing quarterly updates on its developer blog to keep fans updated on how the game is shaping up.

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