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NBA 2K23 Arcade Edition, this year’s iteration of the popular basketball simulator, launches on Apple Arcade later this year – Effinate Games

Today developer 2K announced that the mobile version of the NBA 2K23, the hugely popular basketball sim, will launch on Apple Arcade as NBA 2K23 Arcade Edition. Although this is a mobile port, this edition hopes to emulate more or less the same experience as its console counterpart.

A basketball simulator at its core, NBA 2K usually has a ton of expansive options to create your own player and put them right into the league, join the team you find the best, and experience the life of a basketball player while you jump from game to game.

2K23 Arcade Edition is a simplified version of the console NBA 2K23 game, but has much of the same content. First, the MyCAREER mode will still be available, which is basically what was described above. You will create your player, put them on a team and travel from rookie to NBA all-star over time.

Association Mode is a new feature to the series and allows aspiring NBA coaches to create their own dream team and manage each player as they try to become the best team in the league. This one is much less gameplay focused and much more simulation based, looking at a lot of stats and making sure your players grow into legends instead of doing it yourself.

Of course, there are also two simple game modes for those of us who might be lighter on time. We have Quick Match and Online Multiplayer, which are relatively self-explanatory. Quick Match lets you pick a team and jump right into the action against an AI opponent, and Multiplayer Mode lets you battle against either random real-world opponents or your friends themselves!

If you are a fan of the NBA franchise and are looking for the next iteration on mobile devices, this is for you. NBA 2K23 Arcade Edition launches exclusively for Apple Arcade on October 18, so remember to mark your calendars!

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