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Naughty Dog Might be Teasing a New IP in The Last of Us 1 Remake According to the Fans – Effinate Games

Video game developers often give subtle hints about their next game within an existing game. The Last of Us 1 Remake was released just a few days ago and the eagle-eyed fans have already started devouring different parts of the map for hidden clues. And it looks like they found one.

A Twitter account posted some in-game images from the TLOU 1 Remake on PlayStation 5, which show a few images on the wall of one of the zombie-infiltrated houses. The images show a Pegasus-like horse, a dragon and a female warrior.

What do the pictures mean?

The images are very peculiar and don’t really make sense together, indicating that the news IP could be about a fantasy game. Naughty Dog hasn’t made a fantasy game lately, and the prospect of them developing a game with fantasy elements in it is certainly interesting.

We know for sure that Naughty Dog is indeed working on a brand new game. Neil Druckmann hinted at a new project for his studio Naughty Dog at Summer Game Fest 2022 by confirming that he is working on a new game. At the end of the event, Druckmann announced The Last of Us Part 1 for PlayStation 5.

Naughty Dog has done this before

The prospect of a new Naughty Dog game specifically for the PS5 has certainly got fans hyped. The original The Last of Us did not have these images, they have been for this particular version of the game.

Of course, Naughty Dog is already known for dropping hints about their next projects. Previously, Naughty Dog teased the original TLOU in Uncharted 3 Drake’s Deception, so it won’t be surprising if they actually do the same again. Naughty Dog currently doesn’t have a game that involves any of the three things in the pictures, so it can’t be referring to an older game. It only makes sense that it is new IP.

But with that said, Naughty Dog has not confirmed anything about the new IP, so this could just be a wild guess from the fans, so take this information with a grain of salt. We really hope this is something about Naughty Dog’s brand new game and that something will be official soon.

On that note, do you guys think Naughty Dog is teasing their new game or is it all based on wild guesses? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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