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Mythic Heroes is celebrating its first anniversary with limited-time items, fresh events and special login bonuses – Effinate Games

IGG is celebrating the one-year anniversary of Mythic Heroes, the studio’s free-to-play RPG on mobile that lets players fight the good fight against the forces of darkness! Players can summon iconic gods and heroes to build their dream team, then upgrade them to battle through epic trials while remaining AFK.

Celebrate Mythic Heroes’ first anniversary with an explosive fireworks festival beginning September 3rd UTC, where Summoners can challenge the mighty Nian Beast and meet the newest additions to the Ascension Realm, including Chiron, the Centaur Sage! There will also be exclusive check-in events for free rewards, limited-time Marketplace items, and more. In particular, the new Kingdom Raiders event lets players battle other Summoners to score abundant treasure in an enchanted sea. Depending on the number of squares occupied, teams will be rewarded with Pirate Gold, which can be used to redeem in-game goodies in the Marketplace. Be sure to join the battle quickly as the limited time Kingdom Raiders event is ending soon!

During Mythic Heroes’ first anniversary celebration, players can earn awesome in-game items, including 10x Standard Summon Scrolls, 1x Inherited Divinity, 3x Fortune Chests, and 1000x Diamonds! With nearly 1 month of check-in rewards available starting August 20th, players will earn even more goodies each week until September 6th, when an exclusive Anniversary Avatar Frame, 60x UR Hero Shards and 50x Skin vouchers will be rewarded for ALL players who simply log into the game!

Ready to join the fun? You can download Mythic Heroes at iOS App Store and on Google Play Store Today. For further information and updates, follow the official Mythic Heroes page at Facebookor on theirs Disagreement.

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