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My Cat Tiles is a match-3-slash-pet sim now open for pre-registration – Effinate Games

Boltrend Games has announced that pre-registration for My Cat Tiles, the studio’s relaxing match-3 title on mobile, is now open for pre-registration worldwide. The adorable title features pet simulation elements with puzzle solving as players kick back, kick back and relax with their favorite feline companions.

In My Cat Tiles, players can expect to give their cats a whole lot of TLC as they dress them up and interact with them in a variety of ways. They can decorate their rooms to spruce up their lounge for the ultimate relaxation vibe, as well as encounter a host of cats while indulging in casual match-3 puzzle solving at the same time.

The game also features a variety of patterns that players can participate in to test their match-3 prowess in thousands of stages. They can feed and bathe their kittens, plus create a special private space for them as they progress through the increasingly challenging stages. There are more than 47 breeds of cats to meet, and every time you unlock a new breed, you can look forward to meeting a never-before-seen cat in your home.

The game lets you play anytime, anywhere – it supports offline play so you can take care of your kitties even without an internet connection.

If you’re keen to try the game for yourself, you can pre-register for My Cat Tiles at iOS App Store and on Google Play Store for Android devices. It’s a free game with in-app purchases. You can also join the community of followers on the official one Facebook page to keep you updated on all the latest developments.

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