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MultiVersus players are reporting a game-breaking Gizmo bug – Effinate Games

MultiVersus’ new update today brought a ton of changes to the game’s hitbox/hurtbox system, projectile system, and introduced the new cute character: Gizmo from Gremlins series. Released as a support character for the game’s 2v2 mode, Gizmo should bring a burst of adorable kindness to your team with his abilities and singing prowess. But instead, players have found a nasty game-breaking bug that makes the Gizmo a little less useful.

Posted by Twitter user @Soudox11, there is reportedly a bug with Gizmo’s up special that causes him to disappear under the map, making the match a 1v2. As a team-based game, the consequences of losing your ally to the fight are obvious, making this a pretty devastating mistake.

It’s hard to see how to replicate this glitch, but the video shows Wonder Woman fighting an uphill battle against Harley Quinn and Shaggy alone, with Gizmo nowhere to be found. Gizmo’s Up Special is “Gizmo-A-Go-Go”, which allows him to attach to an ally’s back and remove debuffs. You can also use his other moves and attacks while in this state. You can also see in the video that the blue team had lost no lives, which means Gizmo should be fighting alongside Wonder Woman.

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The latest MultiVersus update, in addition to Gizmo, saw a change in the game’s hitboxes, hurtboxes and projectiles. Characters like Arya and Bugs Bunny also saw some balance adjustments, as well as several of the game’s perks.

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