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MU Archangel introduces new Scepter content with the latest 1.11 update – Effinate Games

THE WEBSITE has announced that its popular mobile MMORPG MU Archangel has received a new patch that brings new Scepter content for late players, introduction of new loot to hunt and a new way to further min-max your grades.

The scepter itself is a new catalyst for gems that players can equip. These gems will further increase your character’s power and improve your stats even more. They come in 4 rarities, Magic/Epic/Unique/Legendary, and will be found while doing content in the Demon Land.

When equipping gems in the scepter, players will be able to acquire a wide range of options from the Gem skills as well as PvP oriented skills. The unique and legendary gems in particular will add a lot to your repertoire and will make it much easier for you to tackle late game content like The Land of Demons.

To further add to this new way to upgrade your gear, you can go even deeper and start increasing your Gem Star Rating to 11 stars using Power Stones. This will enhance the skills that Gems offer and make them even more powerful.

And as if you needed more depth to this system, there’s also the new Gem Awakening feature that increases the speed of the charge rate of these PvP skills when Awakening Skills are activated in battle.

Finally, we’re on Gem Storage, which can be upgraded by unmounting your unused Gems or Gems Markings. As your inventory level increases, so do your Save storage options, meaning you’ll be able to sort them by rarity, skill, and so on. Your Save Storage is sure to get quite plentiful, so this is a good way to make sure you keep track of the important ones.

To wrap it all up in a bow, this new Scepter and Gem stuff means you have even more ways to upgrade your character and enable them to take on all the hardest content available in MU Archangel. If you want to test these new features for yourself, you can check out MU Archangel for free at one of the links below!

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