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Moonbreaker Steam Preview Weekend Playtests Starting Soon – Effinate Games

Moonbreaker is an upcoming turn-based tabletop strategy game from Unknown Worlds Entertainment and KRAFTON. It’s quite a different game from the studio that brought us survival sims like Subnautica. The world of Moonbreaker was created by none other than acclaimed fantasy author Brandon Sanderson. The title is coming this month, but you can get a taste by signing up for the Moonbreaker Steam Preview Weekend Playtests.

Moonbreaker Steam Preview Weekend Playtests

Interested players can check out the title, try out captains, build custom rosters, paint their units, and more. The preview playtest will be available from 9-11 September and 16.-18. Septemberso you have two chances to not only play the title, but any custom paint jobs created during this will carry over to the main game if they want to buy it.

Follow the steps below to sign up for the playtest.

  • sign in Steam
  • Search for “Moonbreaker
  • Click on “Request access” button on “Join the Moonbreaker Playtest” section
Moonbreaker Playtest Request access

This is all you have to do and players will get access on the above mentioned dates.

During this period, testers will have access to the full game, with a few in-game systems disabled.

They also get the Season 1 units and captains. Progress will be deleted before the Early Access release, but custom paint jobs will be retained if they wish to purchase the main title. There are chances of server maintenance and other issues because this playtest is a server stress test.

Additionally, not everything seen during the game is final, especially the localization aspect. We expect the official early access release to have even more features.

Moonbreaker release date

Moonbreaker is coming to PC on 29 September 2022.

We also recommend checking the system requirements. If you’re more interested in just the official Early Access release, you can simply add the game to your wishlist at Steam at the following link.

Signing up for the Moonbreaker Steam Preview Weekend Playtests? Are you excited for the upcoming title? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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