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Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Title Update 1.2 adds Violet Mizutsune, Risen Chameleos – Effinate Games

The second update for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak comes with Violet Mizutsune and Risen Chamelos, allowing players to battle these huge monsters. On top of this, more anomalies are coming, unlocking six-star quests when players reach MR 120. The second update is coming on September 29.

Violet Mizutsune and Risen Chamelos will be advanced versions of these monsters capable of unleashing more unique attacks, giving hunters a good amount of trouble. Violet Mizutsune and Risen Chamelos will be available when the second update launches, along with Flaming Espinas, which was already announced several weeks ago. Flaming Espinas first debuted in Monster Hunter Frontier and returns to the franchise.

Flaming Espinas and Violet Mizutsune will appear once players reach MR 10, which happens after completing the main story for Sunbreak and unlocking anomaly quests. However, Risen Chameleos will be available at MR 110, making it a far more dangerous opponent than the other monsters released in Sunbreak’s post-release updates.

Anomaly quests will give players more advanced missions to fight fearsome enemies and earn unique rewards to upgrade their armor and weapons. These will be available at MR 120, meaning players will want to make sure they start working their way up to this power level before September 29th.

In addition to these significant additions to Monster Hunter Rise, layered weapons have arrived. Similar to layered armor, a hunter can choose to add a layered weapon skin to their arsenal, giving them the chance to use some of the fun weapons the team has created without using the stats. Additionally, this gives players more freedom with their build, similar to the layered armor.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak’s second update will be free for all players who own the Sunbreak expansion.

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