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Monster Hunter Rise reveals new monster and more for September Update – Effinate Games

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak has released more new details about its free title Update 2, featuring the challenging Violet Mizutsune, Flaming Espinas, Risen Chameleos and more. The update is scheduled to roll out on September 29, 2022.

For a trailer and overview of the upcoming content, here is the official announcement from Monster Hunter’s Twitter feed:

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak continues to pile on great content, however slowly the additions may come. Some of the announcements in today’s trailer were a bit redundant and even questionable. The layered weapons could be fun, but the more cartoony designs are just a little odd, at least compared to previous installments like World.

But all the quality of life changes revealed in the trailer will be a relief, including the increased level of research and the new weekly quests. The loop off Monster hunter gameplay can become too redundant without more content.

Fortunately, Violet Mizutsune looks like a very comfortable level of frustration. Although those gas bubbles feel a little too mysterious and less natural than some other creatures, they are too small to complain about. Learning his defensive habits should be quite entertaining, and Mizutsune is probably the highlight of the trailer.

Chameleons, which have existed since Monster Hunter 2, is always nice to see again in any form. The elevated concept is nice, but it feels like they could have done more with it.

And while Flaming Espinas is also interesting, the concept of a one-hit attack is rarely fun in any game. It definitely adds some urgency, but no one wants to fight Espinas for half an hour and die from a one-hit. The mechanic is a bit too much Monster hunter.

More updates to the latest game are planned for November and 2023. You can read more about Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak and other RPG hits by checking out the rest of our news section!

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