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Mononeko: Tambourine Tinkerer, a brand new rhythm action game from ex-Sqaure Enix and ex-Playstation developers, shows off its first trailer – Effinate Games

As a very welcome surprise, named a new indie company Ribeye game has announced his latest project; a mobile rhythm game called Mononeko. While the game itself looks amazing, the real kicker here is that Ribeye is made up of former Playstation and Square Enix developers! A true match made in heaven for almost any type of gamer.

Let’s get the most obvious out of the way first; Mononeko is very, very clearly inspired by a certain other old Playstation rhythm game that drew a lot of praise. Patapon was a series that mostly ran throughout its lifetime on the Playstation Portable as well as the Playstation Vita, although HD remakes of both the original and the sequel are available on Playstation store.

Much like Patapon, Mononeko: Tambourine Tinkerer is a game where you will lead an army of ghost kittens by pressing commands in the form of beats. That’s exactly what Patapon was about, even though they were a tribe of warriors, the whole system of giving your army of minions commands by pressing certain beats on the screen is at the heart of both of these games.

This isn’t a knock on Mononeko at all, as Patapon was legendary and a ton of fun, and it’s excellent to see a game like it come out! You’ll also fight giant enemies in Mononeko, throwing different types of ghost kittens at the incoming waves to eventually cut them down. It’s a delightful and engaging gameplay loop, and all fans of both the strategy genre and rhythm games as a whole will enjoy it endlessly.

For now, Mononeko’s information can be found at Kickstarter pageas well Ribeyegame’s Twitter account. In the meantime, keep an eye out for any updates on a store page or official website!

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