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Minecraft teams up with the BBC for climate change-themed Frozen Planet 2 DLC – Effinate Games

Minecraft is full of exciting adventure maps, and the next one is meant to be both entertaining and educational. Mojang has teamed up with BBC Earth to bring climate change related content to the game.

BBC Earth’s Frozen Planet II is now airing, and this DLC of the same name is intended to help explain climate change to children. “If you’ve ever started a new Minecraft game and spawned in the middle of an ice plain biome, then you know a thing or two about trying to survive in a difficult environment,” announcement say. This DLC will reflect similar battles from the perspective of different animals.

The Frozen Planet II adventures will be released in five parts on a weekly basis, from now until October 18th. Each part puts you in control of different animals, starting with a polar bear, killer whale and Lapland bumble bee. Each animal’s quest will illustrate their particular way of life. In the case of the polar bear, you want to protect your cubs when crossing ice floes – you can see some of that in the official trailer below. Walruses, eagles, leopards and eagles are promised for future episodes. More regions such as “snow-covered forests, frozen peaks and vast ice continents” will also be part of the DLC.

As you might expect from educational content like this, the Frozen Planet II DLC is free. This applies to all five sections. You can grab the first for Minecraft: Educational Edition or the standard game from Minecraft marketplace now.

This isn’t the first time Minecraft has teamed up with a TV show. Spongebob Squarepants Released back in July, the DLC lets players explore Bikini Bottom as SpongeBob and his underwater friends. It’ll cost you 1,340 Minecraft Coins if you want it – it’s for kids, but it’s not an educational piece like the Frozen Planet II DLC.

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