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Millistar Raiders, a new comedic idle RPG from Super Planet, begins pre-registration – Effinate Games

Super Planet has announced its latest project, a casual RPG called Millistar Raiders. This neat little cartoon-style idle will see a group of ordinary people set out to save the world. Players become captains, where they will then complete stages to help their village grow until they can conquer the game world; The devil.

Your mission from the beginning is to collect thirteen villagers and grow them into extraordinary heroes of the planet. What makes this one a bit different from other idle RPGs with similar mechanics, such as AFK Arena or Tap Titansis that in Millistar Raiders you will have to grow with your characters.

As a captain, you will increase your stats, which by proxy will also help you grow your villager’s stats! This encourages a multi-level idle stat growth system that gives you targets to shoot for beyond just your batch of misfit heroes.

Millistar Raiders also have a good sense of humor and don’t take themselves too seriously. From the general art style to the heroes’ names and ability names, there are a lot of jokes thrown around. For example, your villager group might include an old grandmother, a drunkard, and the town butcher. There are no beautiful anime main characters here, just normal old villagers who may one day grow into heroes in the lands.

To make it alluring, Millistar Raiders can also be played in either portrait or landscape, so if you’re on the go and can’t sit down and turn your phone just to check in on your heroes, portrait is perfect for a quick lunch break. On the other hand, if you have time to sit down and dig in, the scenery will be all you need.

Millistar Heroes is currently open for pre-registration, which you can do at one of the links below.

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