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Microsoft wants “Genshin Impact-like” for Xbox – Effinate Games

The success with Genshin impact has certainly caught a lot of attention – it’s finally been noticed by Microsoft, which it is reportedly is looking for Chinese gaming content to help compete against Sony.

For context: Genshin impact is available on PC, mobile devices and only PlayStation 4/5 when it comes to consoles, although there are promises of a Nintendo Switch port which has yet to arrive.

According to sources familiar with the matter, Microsoft is “sorry” to miss out Genshin impact and its subsequent popularity. This makes sense considering the game alone has managed to rack up over 3 billion in revenue since its launch back in 2020.

As such, the gaming giant is reported to be looking for promising Chinese developers and offering them contracts and deals to bring their games to the Xbox, largely in the hope of emulating the success found with Genshin impact.

These targets have not yet been made public, as Microsoft did not comment on the matter. It has much in common with known plans for the Xbox division to build on their Japanese portfolio, where the company has reportedly been in talks to acquire major Japanese publishers.

If these reports are indeed correct, then it seems that Microsoft is very much trying to take their gaming portfolio global, or at least primarily with the Asian market.

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