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Microsoft plans on bringing more original Japanese games to Xbox – Effinate Games

The Xbox Series has been much more successful in Japan than its Xbox One predecessor. Although the latter did abysmally in the country, it’s still a positive result for the latest generation console.

It’s also good news for their business strategy as they look to improve Microsoft and Xbox’s game lineup in Japan, as stated by Xbox boss Phil Spencer. So it’s no surprise that they want to bring more Japanese titles to their console, according to the company’s VP of gaming ecosystem Sarah Bond.

Under one IGN Japan live streamshe was asked if Xbox owners should expect more original Japanese titles released by the company – to which her answer was a resounding yes.

“Absolutely,” Bond replied. “One of the things that I’m super excited about is that we have over 250 developers in Japan developing games for Xbox right now. 150 have already shipped, 100 of them are in Game Pass and we [recently] had to announce 15 titles made in Asia and 13 in Japan.”

She also teased upcoming projects, saying, “So much has come, but there’s even more coming in the future, and I can’t wait to reveal it to you all when it starts coming out.”

Previously, examples of Microsoft published Japanese titles were on the Xbox Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey. Both games launched way back on the Xbox 360 and featured a development team led by Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi. Blue Dragon also had works of art by famous dragon ball artist Akira Toriyama.

But these are examples of games from a long time ago, but it seems that Microsoft will continue their hopes to expand their portfolio with the recently announced project with Hideo Kojima and his game studio. They have also made big efforts in their Xbox Game Pass service with the announcement of Persona series comes to that.

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