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Merge Stories is a new casual mobile game, out now on Android and iOS – Effinate Games

Jelly Button and Playtika Studio have teamed up to create a new casual mobile game called Merge Stories, which sees players crossing the seas and exploring new territories, raiding lands inhabited by enemies and looting resources while protecting their kingdom. Players will constantly train and increase their strength and eventually beat the gods themselves. Merge Stories has had quite a successful soft launch and finally the game is now available on Android and iOS. Merge Stories, as the name suggests, combines two game worlds into one free game. The developers have created a fusion of fighting games and the fusion genre to build a title that is as visually stunning as it is immersive. Of course, the traditional fusion gameplay exists, but players will also be able to enjoy the ability to fuse non-identical items, something that is being tested for the first time. … [MORE]

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