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Megaton Musashi X delayed again, adds a PS5 version – Effinate Games

Level-5 has announced Megaton Musashi X is delayed again, although it does add a PlayStation 5 version.

The new free-to-play re-release will ditch its previously planned December 8th release for a slightly later one – December 16th. The game will also be released for PS5 alongside the previously confirmed Switch and PS4 versions.

In related news, the second season of the Megaton Musashi anime was as well recently delayedand since the two are being run together as a cross-media franchise, this is why the game was delayed at the last minute.

Fans can expect the new release with Megaton Musashi X to include the base game and its 6 post-launch content updates, plus new content for its story, bots and mechanics.

Here’s the game’s new opening cinematic:

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