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MARVEL SNAP is a fast-paced card battler that spans the Marvel multiverse, now open for pre-registration – Effinate Games

Nuverse, Second Dinner and Marvel Entertainment have just made an exciting announcement about MARVEL SNAP – the fast-paced card game launching worldwide on October 18th for both iOS and Android devices. The PC version will also get early access that day, giving players the chance to delve into the Marvel multiverse in a super-powered card battler.

In MARVEL SNAP, players can look forward to building their decks using their favorite heroes and villains across beautiful character art and variant designs. If you’re eager to get first dibs on the game as soon as it launches, you can pre-register on the official website right now.

We can’t believe the amazing response we’ve had from players around the world who have been able to experience MARVEL SNAP during our beta period this summer,” says Tom van Dam, Senior Director of BD and Partnerships for MARVEL SNAP (Nuverse). “MARVEL SNAP introduces a whole new type of card fighter gameplay and fans can’t get enough of it. We can’t wait for players to assemble their ultimate roster of heroes and villains and then battle each other starting October 18.”

This exciting announcement also comes with a new gameplay trailer, giving you a sneak peek at the adrenaline-pumping battles that await you. I was lucky enough to play the game early to give it a shot and I had an absolutely amazing time.

We’ve spent years making sure that MARVEL SNAP is the kind of game that everyone, gamers or not, can’t wait to pick up and play,” says Ben Brode, Chief Development Officer at Second Dinner. “If you love fast, strategic games and the thrill of throwing down a power move to stop your opponent at the last second to win the big game, you will absolutely love MARVEL SNAP.”

For now, you can head over to official website to keep you updated on all the latest developments.

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