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Marvel Future Fight’s Symbiote Invasion II update introduces new playable heroes – Effinate Games

Netmarble has announced new content for their mobile superhero game Marvel Future Fight. Titled Symbiote Invasion II, this update brings the creepy aliens back to the game. Players will be able to use three pre-existing symbiotes that have been upgraded, along with a brand new one. The update will also introduce a highly anticipated hero and an important change to Alliance Battles.

Symbiote Invasion II will mainly feature four symbiotes – Venom, Scream, Agent Venom and the new alien Toxin. Venom appears to have stepped up to the next level in the September update with the Tier-4 Advancement option now available. He also got a new uniform.

This new upgrade for Venom is perfect for showcasing his cosmic abilities, making him a must-have in Alliance Battle thanks to his fighting skills. His HP recovery effect has been buffed, he has new skills and deals a stronger punch now.

Next is Agent Venom, a symbiote that makes use of refined attacks rather than relying on brutality like the others. His physical attack has increased and it also boosts his leadership skills. Don’t forget to check out his other uniform as well.

Scream returns to Future Fight in her new Silence costume, making her a powerful fighting-type superhero who excels in game modes with participation limits. She makes great use of her hair to get out of sticky situations and seriously destroys opponents in the process. Both Scream and Agent Venom have potential transcendence.

Of the two new heroes, one is a symbiote and the other isn’t, but funnily enough, neither of them are technically heroes. We have Toxin, which is the offspring of the violent carnage. He deals an insane amount of physical damage and uses his wings and tentacles to strike fear into the hearts of his opponents. Toxin also comes with Potential Transcendence right out of the box!


The other character is Gorr the God Butcher, who now joins the good side. The last update may have painted him as a world boss, but with this one, he’s a Tier-3 native who uses the Necrosword to kill his enemies. Gorr can also summon shadow monsters to aid him during battle.

Finally, we come to an important change in Alliance Battles – a new difficulty level. Players will now be able to participate in Alliance Battle: Legend, which is a combination of Alliance and Squad Battles.

Get your hands on the Symbiote Squad by downloading Marvel Future Fight now for free.

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