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Marvel Contest of Champions’ v36.2 update introduces She-Hulk’s nemesis Titania and Victor von Doom’s Infamous Iron Man – Effinate Games

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is constantly expanding with the addition of new TV shows and movies. Things are set for a few years until a massive battle with Kang ensues. The mobile gaming site of Marvel benefits from this with the addition of new characters, villains and storylines. Kabam’s Marvel Contest of Champions recently added She-Hulk to its roster after her show debuted on Disney+. Alongside this, the v36.2 update also went live, building on this collaboration.

The update sees She-Hulk take on her archenemy, Titania. It seems the villain has teamed up with The Champion to wreak havoc in the Battlerealm. Jennifer Walters has no choice but to enter the green form and put an end to Titania’s madness. And to do this, she gets help from a sinister character – the infamous Iron Man. These two new characters have also been added to the game as Champions.

Let’s start with She Hulk’s ally on this mission – the infamous Iron Man, who is not Tony Stark, but actually the crazy villain Victor von Doom! After Tony entered a comatose state, Doom decided to take up his mantle and fight the bad guys and help the world. Of course, his past never allowed any of the heroes to trust him, but he continued to do good. Titania is, funnily enough, the product of Doom’s mad science experiments. Mary MacPherran, a thin woman, was subjected to Victor’s tests and was transformed into an indestructible villain.


It seems that this altered version of Doom will have to right his wrongs and help She-Hulk defeat his nemesis of his own making. The Infamous Iron Man and She-Hulk take on Titania and The Champion in what is being called the Grudge Match.

Join this battle by downloading Marvel Contest of Champions now for free. For more information about the v36.2 update, see official patch notes.

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