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Mario Kart Tour set up to remove all of the gacha elements and premium paywalls in the coming months – Effinate Games

Nintendo’s popular racing game Mario Kart Toura kind of mobile adaptation of Mario Kart, has announced that it will remove all of the gacha elements of the game right now and replace the pipe system with a Spotlight Shop. This will remove many of the RNG based elements of the game and make it a bit more fair and a bit less money hungry.

This new shop allows you to use rubies – the in-game currency you can earn just by playing – to also get karts, drivers and gliders. Being able to buy all this cool stuff just by playing instead of having to drop real money is always good news, and it makes Mario Kart Tour less of a gacha game and more of a racing game first.

These changes will go into effect later this month, along with the addition of the Battle mode, which will be added to both Singleplayer and Multiplayer on October 5th. Battle mode will see you race with balloons attached to everyone’s karts, with the goal of popping those balloons and protecting your own by using objects and hitting each other. This adds a cool new spin on the typical “be the first to finish the race” objective.

Even better is the removal of Gold Races, which were previously only available to Gold Pass subscribers, adding another premium paywall to the game. Now they will be banished and all races can be watched by any player in Mario Kart Tour, further removing the somewhat money-based ways the game tried to get you to blow your wallet.

Honestly, this is all phenomenal news, especially from a company that is somewhat known for being a bit hesitant to remove any premium features from their mobile games. It inspires a lot of faith in Nintendo, and is sure to attract an even bigger audience to Mario Kart Tour.

All of these changes will happen within the next month or two, so if you’d like to try it out for yourself, you can download Mario Kart Tour for free from one of the links below this article!

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