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Mario Kart Tour is ditching gacha mechanics, adding Battle Mode – Effinate Games

Mario Kart Tour may not be the best game in the series, but it sets itself apart with different mechanics and tracks. One of these mechanics is the use of loot boxes disguised as Warp Pipes, but despite making good money for Nintendo, it is not a favorite among the Mario Kart community. Fortunately, it will disappear in a new update coming relatively soon.

The game currently works like this: you pay rubies (which can be bought with real money or earned in-game) to make a Warp Pipe spit out a random reward. This is known as a “gacha mechanic,” and while it’s fairly common in the mobile gaming scene, it’s not exactly a beloved thing. Fortunately, “[Warp] Pipes you can fire using rubies will be removed” from the game, as announced by Mario Kart Tour Twitter account. That update will arrive in “late September,” and once live, it will replace the gacha mechanic with “a Spotlight shop where you can trade rubies for drivers, karts, and gliders.” Considering all the content that Mario Kart has gotten over the past few years (things like Vacation Luigi and Mii costumes), it’s good to know that players will be able to directly purchase the cosmetics they want.

In addition, Mario Kart Tour will add a Battle Mode – a staple of the series since the original Super Nintendo game. In most cases, players drive around with a number of balloons attached to their kart; being hit by an object causes one to jump. The last racer with an intact balloon wins. As the gacha goes off, Battle Mode comes in, letting mobile players join in on the same action.

We’ve also seen Mario Kart Tour content flow into Mario Kart 8 Deluxe thanks to the game’s Booster Course pass. Tracks like Ninja Hideaway, Paris Promenade and New York Minute have made the jump from mobile to console as part of DLC. Remaining courses in the expansions also appear to have been leaked thanks to leftover music files.

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