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Mario Kart Tour celebrates its 3rd Anniversary with brand new challenges and rewards – Effinate Games

Mario Kart Tour celebrates its 3 year anniversary today, September 7, 2022, with various rewards offered to players!

Mario Kart Tour started in 2019 developed by Nintendo EPD and released on iOS and Android devices. It’s an action-packed free game, perfect for playing with friends. Now Mario Kart Tour celebrates its 3 year anniversary and offers players various rewards and a log-in bonus.

As part of the Mario Kart Tour’s 3-year anniversary celebration, a classic Mario vs. Luigi Tour set the stage. This tour is the seventy-eighth tour of the Mario Kart Tour. Despite being good friends, Mario and Luigi are known to often be pitted against each other. This ride features a variation of Luigi (in his knight armor from Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit) and Mario (in his knight helmet and armor from Super Mario Odyssey). This is also the last tour of the tenth set of Expert Challenges, which started in the Bangkok Tour. List of characters available at Team Mario and Team Luigi was also revealed.

In the new challenge, the driver players will use determines which team they belong to, with both teams competing to claim the most tokens. As such, players must carefully choose which character to play as it will affect the outcome. Also, players who participate will get limited badges, coins and rubies as rewards. This tour marks the beginning of a 2-tour event, but the anniversary tour has yet to be revealed. mario vs. Luigi Tour features a Token Shop with interchangeable rewards such as Mario (Classic), Luigi (Classic), Starchute, Silver Starchute and many more.

Additionally, after completing 3rd Anniversary Challenges 1, players can receive Toad. Players can also get the new gold standard as a reward for placing high in ranked cups. For 3rd Anniversary Challenges 2, players can redeem the rewards in the Token Shop.

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