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Lucky Luna, the most recent addition to Netflix Games’ library, sees players unraveling an ancient mystery while platforming 2D style – Effinate Games

Netflix games‘ Latest addition to its growing library is a Snowman-developed 2-D platformer titled Lucky Luna. Starting today, this sweet little pixel-art aesthetic platformer sees you take on the role of the titular Lucky Luna as they maneuver through a collection of fantastic levels as you unravel the story of this magical world.

If I had to compare Lucky Luna to one game, this would probably be it Fes or at least in terms of aesthetics, Monument Valley. With the masked characters, mysterious vibes the world gives off, and the 2D platforming that will require a good bit of skill and agility, there’s a lot to love in both of these games that can also be found in Lucky Luna.

Lucky Luna’s soundtrack also offers a somewhat lo-fi vibe that’s sure to keep you immersed in the somewhat dreamy atmosphere the game envelops itself in. It’s got a quasi-chiptune thing going on, but all the snippets can we hear in the trailer especially reminds me of Monument Valley, just real chill stuff that encapsulates how laid back Lucky Luna is.

Story-wise, we don’t have too much to work out yet, but the general premise is that you’ll be guiding Lucky Luna through ancient temples and hidden dungeons to unlock the secrets of the past and unravel an eternal mystery. Beyond that, it’s all speculation, so we’ll have to see how the main story plays out for ourselves.

As is usually the case with Netflix Games releases, you’ll need a subscription to Netflix to enjoy Lucky Luna, but honestly, that sub has more than made up for it with some really solid releases like the recently delayed but critically acclaimed Immortality next to things like Twelve minutes and rival pirates. There are a lot of great games on offer from Netflix now, so I wouldn’t hesitate to subscribe to that library.

If you want to check it out for yourself, you can download Lucky Luna for free at one of the links below right now as long as you have that Netflix subscription! While it’s unclear if we’ll see a regular app store release for these Netflix games, it’s possible in the future, so stay tuned for any updates!

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