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Lost Light releases its first content update, featuring a new rainy weather system, dog tag collector challenge, and new skins – Effinate Games

In just about two weeks since its launch, NetEase Games’ survival shooter has reached over one million downloads on mobile. The game is already in the top 10 free games list in several countries. The developers are already expanding the content available with Lost Light’s first content update, which includes a new skin lineup, battle system and in-game events.

Lost Light’s primary update makes the weather system even more detailed and immersive with the new monsoon conditions. The battle in a dark forest was already a challenge, and things now become more difficult as players also have to deal with an unforgiving climate, ranging from showers to torrential downpours and even thunderstorms.

A new set of firearm skins will also join Lost Light. These outfits include exclusive customization options and the ability to test multiple weapon mods. Additionally, certain skins return. To help with the rainy conditions in the forest, the Jungle Elite skins will be available for camouflage, while the Hot Skin will return to make stealth operations in the Exclusion Zone easier. Both of these skins will only be available for a limited time.

The update also introduces a new Dog Tag Collector Competition. This feature challenges players to defeat opponents and collect points, giving them a chance to earn a premium membership. Killing a Firefly awards five points, two to a Raymond Squad member and one point to each Marauder. Players will also get a point for each dog tag they manage to take off the battlefield.

And on top of that, even Mount Akimaya is receiving some updates. The map has been expanded and filled with more salvageable supplies. As they scour this vast region, they will find a ton of resources to build their stronghold in his desolate world.

Begin your battle in these stormy conditions by downloading Lost Light now for free.

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