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Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle Earth gameplay revealed – Effinate Games

The Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle Earth has finally shown off some concrete details, including gameplay footage, characters and more in a new showcase video. The game is currently in testing, but it’s still expected to be released “on iOS and Android soon,” according to the announcement video.

You can watch a full interview with the game’s art director Chris Salazar, who walks you through all the mechanics and characters you can expect, on GameSpot’s YouTube channel here:

Lord of the Rings has increased in popularity recently, following the announcement of several upcoming titles across various platforms, in addition to the giant Amazon series Rings of power.

Both the show and Heroes of Middle-earth will surely share the same controversy, to freely play with the mythology of masterful author JRR Tolkien. The developers incorporated a new ring to establish creative freedom, allowing the game to use the same mechanics and features as Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.

That is clear Heroes of Middle-earth doesn’t aim for any kind of customization, but instead focuses on playing in the IP sandbox. Some of the designs look familiar, but the story seems like a mere agent to include them.

Also, the visuals aren’t really up to par, even compared to Galaxy of Heroes and similar mobile titles. Middle-Earth is so thoroughly, painstakingly illustrated by Tolkien that it’s quite strange to see gameplay like this. But there is always room for improvement and a release date is still a long way off.

While it’s always disappointing when such unusually rich and dense source material isn’t directly translated into new entertainment, Tolkien’s text will remain intact. Fans of Galaxy of Heroes can enjoy the same features in a Middle-Earth setting, and for many (especially casual gamers) that will be enough.

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