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Looze Nozzles, a flight and rescue game created by a father-son duo, is out now on Android and iOS – Effinate Games

Loose Nozzles, a slapstick rocket flight and rescue game, has just landed on mobile. It was scheduled for launch in August, but due to adverse weather conditions, the landing was delayed by a month. And now Foster and Family Games’ 2D arcade game is finally available.

In Loose Nozzles, players are tasked with rescuing people who have been trapped in deep pockets on the edge of space. The game makes use of physics-based features along with classic arcade mechanics to create a crazy experience for everyone. It even looks like an arcade game thanks to the hand-drawn art style and vocalized sound effects.

The story of how Loose Nozzles came to be is even more adorable. The game is a collaboration between veteran designer and programmer Chris Foster – known for working on titles such as The Beatles Rock Band, Green Day: Rock Band, The Lord of the Rings Online – and his super cute five-year-old son Ian.

Chris initially decided to work all alone to create a game, but realized soon enough that his son would make the perfect (unpaid) co-designer. The designer’s early Unity experiments inspired his son to come up with a game where the rocket’s flight would depend on how it was fired. He even drew a picture of this cannon shooter that has been used in the game.

The duo spent the next eight years perfecting this title, eventually leading to Loose Nozzles. Players should anticipate a challenge as they’ll only have two thruster buttons – they’ll have to navigate through dangerous environments like narrowing tunnels, falling rocks, rotating gears and flame-throwing robots.

Speaking about this journey, Chris said he never wanted this project to feel like work for him or Ian. Therefore, they went at an extremely slow pace, which also allowed Ian to come up with more detailed artwork. Ian’s addition sums it all up as a teenager would say it. He said: “It’s a game. And it’s fun.”

If you’re interested in exploring this father-son duo’s whimsical arcade journey, download Loose Nozzles now. The game is free to download, but requires a one-time purchase to access all features.

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