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Little Nightmares will officially go mobile this Winter – Effinate Games

Little nightmares, the popular horror platformer and puzzle game, has just announced that it will be available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. No release date has been confirmed, but it is expected sometime in the winter of 2022.

If you’re not familiar with the original title, check out some classic gameplay in the new announcement trailer on YouTube here:

Little nightmares released back in 2017, both deeply creative and truly disturbing. The art design is nothing short of brilliant, and the puzzles found an ideal level of difficulty with clever solutions.

The game remains one of the best platformers of all time and eventually spawned a prequel in 2021. However, the closest fans have ever come to a mobile Little nightmares experience is the spinoff game Very little nightmareswhich had the same aesthetic but with a different visual approach.

It was certainly atmospheric, but also isometric, which made for a completely different experience. For reference, check out the gameplay launch here:

It seems that enough time has passed and now the original Little nightmares will be available on devices small enough to scare you wherever you go. It’s also arrived just in time for the Halloween season. The game has a unique approach to horror that is both elegant and violent.

Of course, without a larger screen to capture all the details and a TV speaker to fill the room, some of the immersion can be lost in translation. And mobile games can create a more relaxed setting for some.

However, the mobility would be perfect for bedtime or camping chills. It will also invite new players who may not be familiar with the series, or even renew the interest of fans of the original.

You can read more about Little nightmares and other upcoming mobile games by checking out our news section!

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