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LifeAfter’s collaboration with the popular anime series Attack on Titan is live for the next two weeks – Effinate Games

A few days ago, NetEase Games announced that the mobile survival game LifeAfter would be hosting a collaboration with one of the most beloved anime out there – Attack on Titan. That crossover goes live today and will bring the armored titan wreaking havoc on Doomsday World for the next two weeks until September 29th.

The LifeAfter x Attack on Titan crossover begins with an armored titan suddenly appearing outside the camp. With it comes hordes of infected who are out for blood. It will be a tough match as the players have only 20 minutes to finish the match. Groups of four will be made and waves of infected will attack.

Players must defeat them and the ferocious Titan while also protecting the Supply Box in Downtown. To make things more difficult, the Titan has armor protection and can only be damaged by using a Howitzer or Bazooka.

While respawning is an option, it’s best not to consider it, as it will take a while to return once defeated. Plus, if all four are defeated together, the challenge ends there. Fortunately, there is an unlimited number of times the mission can be played, with matchmaking dependent on rank. Note that the rewards can only be claimed once per day.

No collaboration can be complete without items popping up, and LifeAfter will feature more than 90 of them for players to grab. Also expect to find outfits by Eren, Mikasa, Levi, Historia Reiss, Attack on Titan hoodies and t- shirts and three costumes for pets.

Coming straight from the show is the Omni-Directional Mobility Gear, which will take aerial combat to new heights. Other vehicles will also be themed. Finally, the manor can also be decorated with AoT chairs, beds, carpets, tables and wallpaper.

Fight the armored titan now by downloading LifeAfter for free.

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