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LifeAfter set to host collaboration with popular anime series Attack on Titan – Effinate Games

Netease games‘ open world post-apocalyptic survival game Life After has announced its crossover with the extremely popular anime series Attack on Titan. This collaboration will see new costumes inspired by characters from the show, along with new decorations and cosmetics for vehicles, weapons and more. On September 15th, battle the armored titan himself!

Let’s review the new character skins first! With this event, you will be able to adorn outfits from the main cast of Attack on Titan, such as Eren Jaeger, Mikasa Ackerman, Levi and Historia Reiss. On top of that, there are also new outfits and pet skins that also follow the style of the Armored Titan!

In your mansion, on the other hand, you’ll also be able to place Attack on Titan-themed figures and decorations, such as the main character and primary Titans along with balloons of chibi versions of the Titans, beds, blankets, paintings, wallpapers , and a variety of other furniture. There’s plenty of fanfare here to deck your manor in to let everyone know how much you love Attack on Titan.

Of course, there’s also a flurry of decorative Attack on Titan-themed skins to slap on your weapons, vehicles and drones. Show off your Paradise pride with these cosmetics as you adventure through the apocalypse!

Not all of the added content is cosmetic though! There will also be new crises where the colossal figures of the Titans wander outside the walls of Hope 101. The Armored Titan will specifically attack player camps and you and your companions will have to team up to destroy him before he destroys your camp first!

So whether you’re a fan of the Attack on Titan series or a devoted player of LifeAfter, there’s a lot of new stuff on display here that will mix up your typical gameplay loop! The Armored Titan fight in particular can prove to be a tough fight, so make sure you’re ready to deal with the threat before he gets to you first!

If you’d like to sample the content and get your hands on some of these Attack on Titan cosmetics before they’re gone, you can download LifeAfter for free at one of the links below!

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