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Legendary puzzle game Portal returns with raytracing in November – Effinate Games

It turns out that Portal: Companion Collection isn’t the only update to the series we’re getting this year. The original PC game is getting a ray-tracing update soon, giving the legendary puzzler its freshest coat of paint since its 2007 debut.

Nvidia just held its GeForce Beyond showcase, which introduced its new 40 series of graphics cards. To show off the capabilities of the new 4080 and 4090 GPUs, Nvidia also released a series of trailers. One of them was Portal with RTX, which looked downright beautiful. It’s full of familiar sights like companion cubes, high energy pills, and of course the swirling blue and orange portals themselves. The difference in ray tracing is immediately clear: these floating pellets cast light on the walls as they travel through the air, and there’s plenty of glow from the test chamber’s screens. In addition to raytracing, brought to the game via Nvidia’s AI-assisted modding tool RTX Remix, there are also new art assets. You can see examples, such as the red pressure plate switches, in the trailer.

All of this beauty will be coming to Portal via an update in November, although no specific day was mentioned. Portal with RTX will be a free update for all Portal owners, so if you have a suitable machine you’ll be able to see the game in all its new glory – an Nvidia 40 series card isn’t necessarily required. However, don’t expect to see the same results on Steam Deck without any modding. Raytracing can be achieved if you’re running Windows on the device, but it doesn’t happen natively.

Portal has actually been in the news a few times this year, and a story was attached to the aforementioned Companion Collection on the Nintendo Switch. Half-Life 2 and Portal 2 beta content was actually found in that game’s files. Portal writer Eric Wolpaw also recently expressed a desire to make Portal 3.

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