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League of Legends Wild Rift upcoming champions release date got leaked – Effinate Games

According to League of Legends Wild Rift, the upcoming 3.4 update will introduce a total of 4 new champions!

LoL Wild Rift is currently running patch 3.3 which has brought several exciting events along with the addition of new champions. Meanwhile, patch 3.4 is already set to be released on September 15, 2022. As the patch 3.3 end draws near, leaks surrounding the arrival of new champions in patch 3.4 appeared online. With the new Wild Rift leaked content, players are already looking forward to the gameplay that the upcoming champions have to offer.

According to a leak from League of Legends Wild Rift data mines YikeZGG, Gwen will be the first to be released on September 5th on the test server, followed by You on September 12, Vex on October 13 and Warwick on October 21. Furthermore, leaks have stated that the price in rank for season 7 will be Glorious Crimson Draven. The weapon enhancements for Glorious Draven can also be purchased from the ranked shop.

Upcoming skins will also arrive in LoL Wild Rift patch 3.4, starting with Space Groove Gwen. Bewitching Miss Fortune, Morganaand Vex will also be added, but their release dates have yet to be revealed. To Wild Pass, Stargazer Jayce and Soraka are claimed to be the most important skins. The Wild Pass mission system will be adjusted to make it easier for players to get rewards.

A new mode will also be released in patch 3.4 known as “Duel Mode” which is a brand new game mode for a 1v1 battle. The map will be set in Aram mode, players will fight against each other. Nevertheless, further details about the new game mode have yet to be announced.

Although leaked content is already generating excitement among players, it is always subject to change. For now, players can wait for further announcements until patch 3.4 is released.

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