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Last Days of Lazarus announces PlayStation release date – Effinate Games

Last days of Lazarus, the culturally rich horror mystery from GrimTalin and Darkania Works, has officially revealed a PlayStation 5 release date. It will be available on November 29, 2022. You can watch a full trailer for the game on PlayStation’s YouTube channel here:

That is too bad Last days of Lazarus will miss the Halloween season by such a wide margin for PlayStation fans, though Xbox Series S and X owners will have access to the game on October 28. If you want to experience the game earlier, you can buy it now on Steam.

It’s pretty surprising that an indie like this only aimed for next-gen console releases, but it’s a visually beautiful little game. The art design is clearly and deeply marked by its cultural roots and framework, which makes the story a completely unique experience. There is a straightforward approach to real politics, places and beliefs, which is always very rewarding.

The mystery itself is compelling, and the premise tackles both serious and adult themes, including mutilation, grief and sanity. The focus is on the exploration, characters and puzzles, to its advantage.

Last days of Lazarus is very gothic, and partly reminiscent of some classic Hammer Horror films from the 50s. The scenery and “scares” are colorful, vivid and detailed compared to the shadowy traditions of general horror. The horror elements are somewhat offensive to the genre, but there are certainly some strange and creepy images.

Overall, Last days of Lazarus should be a great addition to PlayStation’s library, and definitely deserves another look from console gamers. The game launched back in June 2022, so now is the perfect time to revisit it.

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