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Knock Of The Coffin Lid – The best moments and quests in the game – Effinate Games

Knock on the coffin lid is a game about a warrior who has risen from the dead. KOTCL is a game that is a mix of atmospheric roguelike with RPG elements. For RedBoon studio this is the first project. Indie developers invest in the game as much as possible and constantly delight us with updates. Their efforts are not in vain. Knock on the coffin lid is already loved by many players.

The game has received high marks at several Indie Cup20 Critics’ Choice Award events, Indie cup’21 nominations as Best PC Game, Best Sound, Best Art, People’s Choice, Indie Blast 2021 Best Gameplay and Best PC Game Xsolla.

KOTCL is easy to learn, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to play. You will have to step into the role of a strong knight, a Lycan werewolf or a brave girl, solve the mystery of their death and find out what happened to the world while they were dead. In Knock on the Coffin Lid, you can literally die on the second stage, after the resurrection. The travel process takes you around the map. You try to complete quests and defeat enemies. The game is interesting in passing with its plot and stories. The characters narrate what is happening in beautiful expressions and draw you into the world of KOTCL

In the game, the protagonist is offered alternative versions of the story. You have to read each sentence of the other characters and analyze them to choose the best solution and stay alive. But remember, every decision you make determines what awaits you next. Throughout the game and quests, you are only hinted at the answers, but you have to find them yourself. It is very interesting. Will you understand the hikers’ veiled suggestions, or will you take a wrong turn…

While playing Knock on the Coffin Lid, Mortis, the one who revived the protagonist, will tell the story of Percival’s world. Do not forget that after each death our hero will lose everything he had, forget the past and start his journey all over again. The course of events is highly variable and therefore unpredictable. Any little thing can radically change everything, so each next attempt will not be like the previous one. Try to remember the place where you found the good equipment. When you die, you’ll have to go there again. Try to live as long as you can. Because the more you live, the more you will see. All your skills will definitely help you in the next life. In KOTCL, all the defeats and restarts of the game are seamlessly integrated into an interesting and twisted story.

You can find a lot of different equipment, collect a dozen sets, choose items that will combine well with each other and turn your hero into a real warrior who will control the fate of the world.

Quests and daily activities in Knock on the Coffin Lid await you. Game mechanics include unique trophies, maps, opponents and even dungeons!

Naturally, battles are at the core of this game. They are also based on a turn-based card system. You will have a large number of different cards at your disposal, which you can use at your discretion. Each card is unique and each card allows you to gain an advantage over your enemies during battle. As you progress through the game, you will be able to open, unlock and find over 150 unique maps.

The boss fights are waiting for you: 12 bosses and 2, special, hardcore bosses that won’t let you get bored. And also 4 biomes with their unique inhabitants and conflicts.

All opponents and bosses are not invented for nothing, each has its own story. For example, in the quest Bounty Hunter, you must defeat the Golden Buffalo. The buffalo or American buffalo is a symbol of abundance and material prosperity. One of the lessons the woman in the buffalo skin teaches is that you will have to use all your energies in the right direction and be accompanied by the right prayers. With a combination of your efforts and divine support, you can have everything you need to live. In the case of the bison, the hump represents the abundance we can achieve. That the hump is at shoulder height means that we have to make an effort to do it. The shoulders are a symbol of overcoming life’s difficulties. On the shoulders lies a heavy burden or a well-deserved reward.

In Crimson Steppes there are God of War references as you get through – Taming the Serpent. You will fight against Spartan-like characters – heroes with shaved heads and red body tattoos.

In the last place you get a taste of American Gothic. RedBoon combined the characters from a painting by American artist Grant Wood. We will see two characters, a farmer with his daughter in the background of a house. The characters are full of anger or indignation.

At the end of the journey you will come to the northern gate. This place is the destination of your journey. The Northern Gate adds a variety of effects that can be applied to you: Burning, Vertigo, and Oblivion. As always you will be met with random events, you will have to fight to the death with crossbowmen and demons. At the end of the journey, you will experience your worst fear in a battle with bosses, and the final horror is a battle with the one who owns the domain – the boss Sigismund.

To develop even more interest, the guys have launched a mode – Nightmares of Millennials. You will play the usual characters, but in modified game conditions with additional complications. You each have 8 Lung and Reflection cards as well as 2 Thunderstrike cards. In addition, the reckless throwing of cards will lead to the impossibility of prolonged battles – cards will be very expensive. In addition to these conditions, there will be several other complications in Libra. These cannot be removed, but you can add your own, both positive and negative. As a reminder, the more negatives, the more multiplier points you get. We’re sure you can figure it out for yourself.

Fool the bosses or show mercy. Enjoy an exciting game Knock on the coffin lid.

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