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Kiriko, a kitsune-inspired new support hero, to join the Overwatch 2 roster – Effinate Games

Following a community leak from several days ago that sparked a whirlwind of speculation about a future fox-eared hero in Overwatch 2, Blizzard has released a gameplay teaser featuring just such a hero. Meet Kiriko, the newest character to join the upcoming Overwatch 2 release roster. After years of waiting for a new healer/support character, we finally get a new one, thanks to this foxy lady ninja.

Kiriko is descended from a famous ninja who trained the two Shimada brothers we know and love from the original Overwatch roster. That would make her the third hero of Japanese descent in the game so far, and she is all about the mysterious nine-tailed fox spirit of Japanese myth, the kitsune.

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From what we could glean in the gameplay trailer, as a support hero, Kiriko’s kit is centered around team fans and mobility, as she is able to run around and provide support where needed. Her weapons of choice are Ofuda, the paper talismans she casts to heal her allies, and Kunai, also known as ninja arrows to some, which she can use to lethal effect.

Kiriko’s other abilities include what appears to be a move similar to Hanzo’s, and like him and his brother, she can climb walls. And also, similar to another support hero, Baptiste, it looks like Kiriko will have an invulnerability zone type ability that will likely have a long cooldown attached to it.

Kiriko’s ultimate is called Kitsune Rush and is a wave-like cast that grants numerous bonuses to all allies it touches. It looks like it will be an entry-style ability (like Brigitte’s Rally, for example) used to initiate teamfights by letting her team overpower the enemy through her buffs.

Image via Blizzard

Kiriko is set to join the game with the release of Overwatch 2 to Early Access on October 4th, and will be available to all original Overwatch players who log in during the new game’s first season.

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