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Kingdom Come: Deliverance trailer reveals new app-driven Board Game – Effinate Games

Kingdom Come: Deliverance, the action RPG best known for its surprising attention to realism, is officially getting a new board game adaptation. Developed by indie studio Boardcubator, the app-powered live action RPG begins its campaign on September 19.

Fans who invest in the pre-launch campaign will receive a free 5th playable character, Merchan Sliva. You can watch an entertaining new trailer for the campaign on Boardcubator’s YouTube channel here:

The trailer cleverly leans into the immersive approach used by the video game, with some delightfully corny performances. It also cleverly represents how app-based board games work.

For example, the app in Fantasy Flight’s The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle Earth guides players through a campaign by providing all dialogue, plot and management. This corresponds to the responsibility of a dungeon master i Dungeons & Dragons.

That kind of RPG experience fits perfectly Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s immersive world. It also already had a classless system which allowed players to take on a truly customizable role. Resources were also quite dense and expansive, which should translate well.

While the original game was a single-player experience, this board game will support up to four players working together. All in all, it may disturb fans of the source material.

Some of the qualities that did Kingdom Come: Deliverance stand out as a video game can get lost as a board game as they become too generic compared to similar TTGs. But that remains to be seen as the board game hasn’t revealed much yet.

The action will also take place in the 15th century. The proposed figures have chosen a more simplistic design, somewhere between those that merely give an impression and highly detailed designs.

It’s a bit disappointing compared to the video game. Ideally, other details of the board game will strive for the same level of accuracy as its console counterpart. The historical authenticity was a striking feature.

It’s also been a few years since the game was released, so it will be interesting to see how successfully the game can mix original audiences with tabletop fans.

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