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KartRider Rush+’s Season 15: Moonhill City is now live with new karts, a ranked squad mode, and more – Effinate Games

Nexon has just released a massive new content update for the popular mobile racer – KartRider Rush+. The update includes the game’s fifteenth season, titled Moonhill City. It features new karts, tracks, story quests, game modes and more. To celebrate the beginning of a new season, all players can win rewards that include up to 3,000 x K Coins, 8,000 x Turbo Crystals, 2 x Lucky Star Gems and 2 x Golden Starters.

Season 15 Moonhill City on KartRider Rush+ introduces three new karts and two amazing racers. First up is the Artemyzer, a legendary speed kart named after the goddess of the hunt, which will be available at the Artemyzer Centre. Next we have a legendary item map, Justice Shadow, which can be obtained by trading the Quick-L-Badge, and finally the Porcelain Tea Party, an epic item map that is part of the S15 Fortitude Chest. The two racers who will ride these sweet rides are Artemys and Super Dao.

The update also brings a new game mode called Rating Squad Mode that will be added to the regular Ranking Mode list. It features team-based races where players will have to team up if they want to succeed. The participants will be divided into three teams – Village, Forest and Factory, with each group receiving points based on certain criteria. This phase runs until November 6th, where you write which players will receive their rewards. Season 15’s Ranked Mode will run parallel to these matches.


KartRider also adds two new tracks called Moonshadow Tunnel and Zipi’s Hideout, with a new Moonhill City Chapter that has three episodes and 30 stages. A new episode is released every two weeks. And finally, an in-game event begins tomorrow, September 9, allowing players to trade tire scraps for legendary karts like Super Cotton, GEN2, and Scary Bear. A few login rewards are also up for grabs.

Start your journey in Moonhill City by downloading KartRider Rush+ now for free.

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