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Judgment mod on PC re-adds Pierre Taki, the actor who got cut due to drug arrest – Effinate Games

Just weeks after Judgment and Lost judgment game finally landed on PC, we’ve learned that a mod has surfaced that re-adds the likeness of a character that sparked controversy in Japan.

The new mod (via Nexus mods) reintroduces the likeness of Japanese actor/musician Pierre Taki as Kyohei Hamura, who was recast by Sega soon after the news that he was arrested for possession and use of cocaine.

For those who aren’t aware – Japan has extremely strict laws on drugs, as well as their almost zero-tolerance management of the entertainment industry. The latter tends to blacklist actors or performers completely if they run into criminal charges, not just drugs, but also tax evasion, adultery and other controversial issues.

It is worth noting that the mod is based on a mod for the original PS4 version, which of course would require a modded/homebrew PS4. Since most users are not willing to jailbreak their PS4, this is obviously the easiest way to mod the original actor back into the game – in its original PC release.

Here’s a video showing courage in action:

The original mod was created under the creator) and said that they “stand against both censorship and cancel culture.” If only mod-hosting site Nexus Mods felt the same way, it seems only certain themes or topics are allowed when it comes to fighting “censorship and cancellation culture.”

When Judgment was released in Japan, it featured Pierre Taki as Hamura, but when news of his drug charges dropped, Sega dropped him from the game as well. They quickly re-released the game in Japan as Judge Eyes: New prize versionand the Western release was of course based on this version.

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