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Joe Wander and the Enigmatic Adventures announced for February 2023 release – Effinate Games

Image: Frozen Pixel Studio

Joe Wander and the Mysterious Adventures is a 3D puzzle platformer video game developed and published by Frozen Pixel Studio. In this game, players will begin their greatest puzzling adventure by solving brain-teasing puzzles, exploring different worlds with smooth platforming, and appreciating the breathtaking scenery of Joe Wander’s mysterious world. Take a sneak peek at the gameplay of Joe Wander and the Enigmatic Adventures in a new trailer, courtesy of Frozen Pixel Studios Official Youtube Channel:

Joe Wander and the Enigmatic Adventures will feature incredible whip-based gameplay, a series of fascinating platforming challenges and puzzles that test the player’s cognitive abilities. Players will earn a series of rewards based on their performance as they go through tougher trials.

Players of Joe Wander and the Enigmatic Adventures will have to travel through four distinct worlds, uncover hidden treasures, take in the game’s breathtaking graphics and push themselves to their limits with exceptionally challenging bonus levels. Once a player has completed all of the game’s challenges, they will be able to access three additional game modes which are as follows:

  • Hard mode – There will be no more checkpoints on any of the levels in this mode.
  • Hardcore – Players get a single life per saved file through this mode
  • Time trial – This challenge will test the player’s speedrunning skills

Joe Wander and the Enigmatic Adventures will be available for purchase on Steam, PlayStation 5 and Xbox One X|S at the same time on 3 February 2023. You can add the upcoming Frozen Pixel game to your wish list at Steam and PlayStation store if you want to be alerted when it becomes available. Be sure to follow Joe Wander and the Enigmatic Adventures further Social Media so you can get additional information and receive future updates.

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