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Japanese roguelike adventure game The Tower: To the Bottom gets new trailer – Effinate Games

Publisher Shueisha Games and developer Tasto Alpha shared a new trailer for The tower: To the bottom, their new roguelike adventure game.

Here is the new trailer from Tokyo Game Show 2022:

Here’s a breakdown of the 2021 announced games:

An endless tower lies beyond the end of the world. And at the top, a village of children. The children must venture out and brave the depths of the tower in search of food, answers and the rumored paradise that awaits at the bottom.

“I believe that at the bottom of this tower a paradise awaits…”

The tower – To the bottom- is a rogue-like game where you lead a group of kids living on top of a tower as they aim to reach the surface.
The battles and other various trials you encounter in the tower can be handled by choosing from your deck of cards.

However, the effect of your cards will change depending on how they turn. Similar to tarot cards, this means that a healing herb can act as a poisonous root when reversed.

The strange and mysterious block the way to the bottom, so find your own solutions to overcome the trials and solve the mysteries of the tower as you dive ever closer to the paradise that awaits on the surface!

The tower: To the bottom launching sometime later in 2022 for Windows PC (via Steam).

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