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Isla Sinaloa, a relaxing social sim, is out now on Android and iOS – Effinate Games

Have you ever wanted to go to a remote island and just relax? It may seem difficult in real life with all our responsibilities, but it is definitely a possibility in the virtual world. EnsenaSoft, the Mexico-based indie developer, has just launched Isla Sinaloa for iOS and Android, a casual open sim that takes place on an island retreat in a very peaceful world full of adorable animal characters. In Isla Sinaloa, players will create their own character which is fully customizable with a variety of different looks, expressions and threads to choose from. The island itself is bursting with life and has so many different things to do. Players can visit places like zoo, museum, garden and more such places where they can interact with objects and find over 500 unique collectibles. Players can take a ride with Dolly Dolphin who will take them to explore mines, pyramids, underground temples and volcanic caves. … [MORE]

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