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Iron Man Game by EA Motive Officially Announced – Effinate Games

Marvel has been quite active in the gaming industry for quite some time now. The Marvel Cinematic Universe brought a whole new perspective to superhero movies. When they jumped into the gaming industry, everyone had the same question, can they do it in games too? Unfortunately, the previous Avengers game wasn’t what you’d call a great experience. However, some great games have also been released, including Marvel’s Spiderman and Guardians of the Galaxy. The latest hero to join the ranks will be Iron Man.

Iron Man Game will be developed by EA Motive

Tom Henderson confirmed last month that an Iron Man game is indeed in development, but that was all that is known. Leaker Siftekal Nick also later confirmed this when speaking on the Xbox Era podcast. It was expected that Marvel would showcase the game at their recent Disney showcase, but that didn’t happen.

But finally, today we have official confirmation that the Iron Man game is indeed in early development. EA’s Motive Studio will be behind the development and has previously developed Star Wars Squadrons and is also making the upcoming Dead Space.

Motive is a really strong studio that has solid titles in its portfolio. While most people thought Bioware was the more likely option, EA has stuck with Motive. Bioware had Anthem in its arsenal, which wasn’t a great game, but the flight was similar to Iron Man’s style. With that said, Star Wars Squadron was mostly based on flying and shooting, which are the main attributes of Iron Man, which can also help Motive a lot.

Motive’s executive producer has listed:

'Marvel is really pushing us to make this Motive’s version of Iron Man. What is the new story that we can tell with Tony Stark? That is incredibly empowering for the team.'

What can you expect from the game?

Motive Studios has said almost nothing about the game’s plot. Although they have revealed that it will be a single-player, third-person action-adventure game. So far we don’t know who the main character of the game will be and what plot it follows. It is currently in the early stages of development.

Iron Man Game Concept Fan Art

Adaptation of Iron Man for games is not a new concept. It has been done before on a number of occasions. we have had a few mobile games. Marvel’s Avengers games also feature Iron Man as one of the playable characters. But what we haven’t seen is an Iron Man game that offers the legitimate experience of being a billionaire playboy in all its power.

We really hope that Motive Studios does justice with the Iron Man game and that we finally get the game we’ve always wanted. It’s really hard to say when the game will be released as it’s in early development right now. But still considering everything, it’s at least a few years away.

What do you want in the Iron Man game? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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