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INKS, a brand new zen pinball game from the creators of Lumino City, launches onto Android today – Effinate Games

INKS, from the Bafta Award Winning Studio In-game status, is officially launched in the Play Store starting today. This new little indie gem takes what you know about pinball and turns it into artistic, colorful and borderline zen. With beautiful visuals, engaging pinball-based gameplay, and a huge variety of stages to create your own canvas, there’s a lot on offer here that’s rarely seen in pinball mobile games.

Pinball is the last genre of game you’d expect to get the Zen treatment, as anyone who has participated in actual physical versions of the pastime can tell you that most of them are loud, flashy, and full of confusing labels and numbers in every way . INKS seeks to take this concept and flip it to the other end of the spectrum, giving pinball fans a relaxing version of their favorite classic hobby.

First and foremost, INKS is simply fantastic. As you send your ball up and down the different stages, streaks of vibrant colors will follow, mixing with the colors already present on the stage. This makes the level become a bit of a collage of clashing colors over a gray and white background, making it all feel like you’re a real painter on a canvas.

In terms of gameplay, there’s nothing too crazy here. It’s pinball through and through, and will involve you using the bumpers at the bottom of each stage to bounce your ball into different targets spread across your canvas. The real selling point here is definitely the visuals and the colors that will splash around when you try to do it.

While the visuals are killer, the soundtrack is nothing to scoff at either. Landing somewhere in between Monument Valley and Fes, your ears will be blessed with exactly the same amount of Zen relaxation that the art style seems to ease you into by itself. All of this ends up tying into one hell of a cool little pinball title and offers a unique way to enjoy the game if you want to get away from all the flashy tables and loud noises.

If you want to check out INKS for yourself, you can do so by taking a look at the link below where you can purchase it for just $2.99!

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