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Infinite Magicraid is out now on iOS and Android, letting players enjoy turn-based card battles with idle elements – Effinate Games

DHGames has officially announced the worldwide launch of Infinite Magicraid, the studio’s 3D fantasy RPG on iOS and Android. With over a million pre-registrations, the turn-based title allows players to unleash their inner tactician with map-based gameplay infused with auto-battle elements.

In Infinite Magicraid, players can look forward to collecting more than 200 characters across ten factions as they plan the best formations and hero combinations to defeat their enemies. Characters boast lovely 3D models as well as unique skills that, when properly synergized, can turn the tide of battle in a pinch. The game also boasts an engaging narrative to keep players engaged throughout their journey.

The game also has a single account that players can use to switch between iOS and Android platforms. There are various dungeons to explore and mini-games to delve into, such as rogue-like maps and resource dungeons. To top it all off, players can reap rewards from the idle gameplay to keep things low-key and pressure-free.

If you want to join in on all the fun, you can download Infinite Magicraid at official website. You can also check the latest heroes and content updates through the official YouTube channel. Don’t forget to use the “IM777” gift code to also grab free in-game goodies like diamonds, runes and coins. And sign up for the Infinite Magicraid Star Event now! The $100,000 prize pool is waiting for you to win!

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