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Infinite Lagrange’s latest update sends players on a perilous journey to the Angulum Cluster – Effinate Games

NetEase Games has just announced an update to its mobile sci-fi sim Infinite Lagrange, which now features a new space system. By signing the new Angulum Cluster Adventure Agreement of the NOMA Shipping Group, players will be able to send ships on missions in this new region. Angulum has now become the Fleet Adventure Agreement’s latest target.

The Angulum Cluster is quite a unique region with three stars forming a triangular area between them. It is also a place of extreme Warping Reverberation, causing the stars to emit beams of radiation at high frequencies. This in turn messes with the space warp parameters, increasing entropy and ultimately disabling the use of Warp Drive in the area.

Due to all the difficulties involved in traveling to this cluster, the NOMA Shipping Group only allows a small number of explorers who have an Angulum Pass to travel to the Triangle. There they will collect data on the harsh environment and warping abilities in exchange for special avatars, the special color of the Spears of Uranus and more items.

These missions begin in a base called the Safe Zone, where players rest and plan ahead. The site has both port and production line facilities along with a NOMA Liaison Office which provides access to ship trading services, auxiliary ship services and more such facilities. Since warping is nearly impossible due to entropy, NOMA will also provide temporary Warping Stability Zone coordinates for each camp.

It is said that the Sacrum Chu Imperium once had routes that passed through the Angulum star system. While the empire may not have endured, a wealth of historical relics have been left behind. Finding them is the primary requirement of the agreement, alongside uncovering the many mysteries this dangerous cluster holds.

Get ready to set off for the perilous Angulum Cluster by downloading Infinite Lagrange now for free.

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