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Indie ARPG Ultra Age gets free “Rebirth Project” DLC – Effinate Games

Co-publishers Intragames, DANGEN Entertainment and co-developers Next Stage and Visual Dart have announced and published Ultra Age’s new “Rebirth Project” DLC.

The new free content pack adds a new level of roguelike to the game and is available now for its PC (via Steam), version. The new content will be added to the Switch and PS4 versions later.

Here’s a new trailer:

English version

Japanese version

Here’s an overview of the new content:

Age was exploring a portal in the Frontier Shelter when he was suddenly transported to what appears to be a laboratory of an unknown force. It appears to be a laboratory in the Frontier meant for testing creatures, filled with many devices to measure and record combat capabilities and strengthen their deficiencies. All subjects created from these repeated experiments are perfection-seeking beings created entirely from data.

Age becomes a reincarnation, constantly reborn by Helvis in the laboratory whenever an ‘other age’ participates in an experiment… An experiment that cannot be escaped until it is fully completed. Will age be able to escape the ‘Rebirth Project’?


  • Improved convenience for various weapons – In ‘Rebirth Project’, the synastries of the original episode, such as the Katana, which is strong against living creatures, and the Claymore, which is strong against robots, have been changed so that the benefits of the synastry remain unchanged, while the damage reduction has been eliminated. Thanks to this, you should not feel any disadvantage or discomfort in any situation you encounter or because of which blade you use. You are free to use the replacement feature to continue your combos.
  • More powerful upgrades with rogue-like elements – The ‘Rebirth Project’ has a ‘Synergy’ effect that gets stronger and stronger the longer you survive.
    ‘Modules’ used to increase capabilities in the original game have been improved. They now offer special effects and upgrade skills have been simplified. This allows the player to combine module and blade properties to create powerful combos that were not possible in the original game.

Ultra Age has been available for Windows PC (via Steam), Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

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