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Imperiums: Rome vs Carthage expansion now available – Effinate Games

Kube Games is released Rome vs Carthagethe next major expansion to their historic grand strategy game, Imperiums: Greek Wars.

Empires: Rome vs Carthage expands the playing card to include the entire Mediterranean area. This new map has over 5000 tiles in total and there are 25 playable nations to choose from.

Choose from historical nations and tribes such as Carthage, Rome, Macedonia, the Samnites, the Etruscans and many more. Complete vital objectives based on historical events as you expand your empire and dominate the Mediterranean. You’ll also have to contend with new mechanics, such as migrating tribes that can threaten the stability of your empire.

You can find the launch trailer for Empires: Rome vs Carthage below:

Empires: Rome vs Carthage is available for $19.99. The base game is also currently discounted by 52%, bringing the price to $14.39.

You can find an overview (via Steam) below:

The world is in turmoil.

Living off their riches, the old empires have grown complacent, their established world order unable to contain the rising ambitions of new powers. Is it foolhardy to challenge the Imperial armies backed by overflowing coffers? Perhaps, but glory and fame await those who show no fear.

Choose from 25 playable factions and try out different gameplay styles on a huge 5000 tile map. Enjoy an easy start with the Carthage, Ptolemaic or Seleucid Empire, whose vast kingdoms are supported by functional economies and strong armies. Test your leadership skills as Antigonus, Lysimachus or Hellas, take on ambitious neighbors and revolts in their own lands. Accept a challenge and play as Etruscans, Romans or Samnites – small states engaged in decades-long wars. Dive into an extra tough game with a battle cry on your lips as the leader of one of the nomadic or semi-nomadic tribes whose very survival is at stake.

However, that is not all. Apart from 25 playable factions, the scenario features a number of migrating tribes eager to create their own kingdoms and win their own place in the sun.

Migratory tribes
The independent nomadic peoples who live on the fringes of the civilized world are only a nuisance to the existing kingdoms. They defend their settlements and the right to a good life with tireless ferocity and are thus a limiting factor for the expansionist efforts of the established states.

Apparently, without a unified government, the individual groups belonging to one tribe move and act uniformly. They don’t just roam uninhabited lands aimlessly; they move in waves towards regions where they plan to settle. Depending on the strength and distance between the individual nomadic groups, they can form independent kingdoms and thus become a new player in the political landscape.

No state can ignore the tribes on their borders, they must be held to account.

Multiturn events
As a ruler, you control most of what happens within the borders of your empire, but the favor of the gods should not be taken for granted. You must be prepared to deal with events beyond your control that can have devastating effects.
Natural disasters, diseases or social unrest are devastating and always disruptive. The way they spread from their source will be more sophisticated. They will spread slowly and logically, mimicking such events in a more realistic way. This should allow you to react and take whatever precautions you deem necessary. But a failure to act in time can allow a small flame to turn into an all-consuming fire that threatens the very survival of the ruling house and perhaps the empire.

Historical events
While we strive for maximum historical authenticity, entering the game creates an alternate history where times and locations of events may vary. AI adapts to these new developments, but it can also channel events into flows that simulate those that occurred historically.

We plan to carry out a series of events inspired by historical scenarios. As the game progresses, they should follow as logical outcomes to the current status, which is triggered when certain conditions are met.

Everything has consequences, even small acts of kindness or hostility.

Mandatory goals
You have just taken the throne and are getting to know the political, economic and military situation in your country. Your predecessors left you a series of short- and medium-term goals designed to guide you through the initial stages of your rule. You can choose your own path, but the advice of the elders should not be completely ignored.

You will be asked to choose one from the list of available goals that you promise to complete. Rewards are always given on completion and penalties for mistakes.

Listen to the voices of your ancestors and follow their wise guidance.

Imperiums: Greek Wars has been available on Windows PC via Steam.

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