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Hunt: Showdown – The Concubine DLC is out now with a new hunter and weapons – Effinate Games

Hunt: Showdown’s latest DLC, The Concubine, is now live and available on Steam, PlayStation and Xbox. This DLC contains one Legendary Hunter, two Legendary Weapons and one Legendary Tool: The Concubine (Hunter), Shahmaran (Sparks LRR), Sister’s Anguish (Hand Crossbow) and Pride’s Death (Heavy Knife).

The official video for the DLC shows what players can expect from the content in terms of characters, story, weapons and general gameplay.

The Concubine follows the dark and tragic story of Alaz. A set of sisters were forced to follow a merchant who had sailed to an unknown land. However, he revealed his true colors on their journey when the sisters were trapped in the water with him. Alaz had to see his sisters in pain and their only solace was to embrace the sea. After going through this hell, she vowed to avenge their pain.

Arriving at the port of New Orleans, she finds herself in the merchant’s chambers, killing him and the guests of the mansion he was staying at with the merchant’s rifle, the Shahmaran.

As the citizens of New Orleans discovered the piles of corpses, Alaz spent his bounty on a new weapon, Sister’s Anguish, a Hand Crossbow. She adorns this with memories of her sisters and is a reminder of their strength.

After taking revenge on the merchant who destroyed her family, her reputation grew. Her future was shaped by her hatred and revenge.

As this contains frequent violence, gore and general adult content, this DLC may not be suitable for everyone.

The DLC can be purchased for USD 9.99 on all three platforms Steam, PlayStation and Xbox.

Experience the dark and tragic story of Alaz in Hunt: Showdown’s DLC, The Concubine. Be sure to check out our latest news section for more great content!

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