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Horror indie “Choo-Choo Charles” awarded Epic MegaGrant – Effinate Games

Choo-Choo Charles, an upcoming survival horror indie game just announced that it was selected for an Epic MegaGrant. The program was established a few years ago and invested millions of dollars in promising developers working on Unreal Engine titles.

Here’s the official announcement from the developers’ Twitter feed, which notes some of the avenues opened up by Epic’s MegaGrant:

Choo-Choo Charles was previously expected to be released sometime earlier in 2022, but it was eventually delayed. It’s currently still aiming for 2022, and with Epic’s investment in the project, horror fans have a better chance of seeing this creative little indie in that window.

Indie publisher and developer Two Star Games has worked almost exclusively on other horror titles before, and they hold up really well. Previous games focused on an illustrated design. This cleverly takes advantage of the naturally disturbing image of a simple drawing, as well as budgetary efficiency.

Epic definitely made the right decision with this grant. Though Choo-Choo Charles has a completely different look to Two Star Games, it has equal amounts of creativity and surreal horror combining for a potent hook.

The premise, mechanics and art design for Choo-Choo Charles is full of potential using high concept ideas that resulted in surprise hits like Poppy Play Time.

Some gameplay was recently revealed at Summer Game Fest 2022, proving that players won’t be tied to a train all the time, but will still feel the tense urgency of defeating the enemy. You can watch a full trailer here:

Choo-Choo Charles is definitely an underdog that always looked like it deserved and needed a little more funding. Now that it can smooth out some of the tougher production and development costs, it will be very interesting to see if this game can live up to the potential of all its updates.

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